Do I need True Consulting services? Ask yourself this questions…

Would I like to increase my sales?

You want to increase your sales but you don’t know how or what you’re doing wrong?. We start by auditing your hotel FREE OF CHARGE, then we develop a business proposal with a sales plan and a marketing strategy for your hotel. No hidden fees. No anual or monthly quotes. We become your business partner!

What costs are involved in having a website?

Everything from content (video, photos, copywriting, fact sheets or 360 virtual tours), hosting & domain, your booking engine an so, makes a factor. In True Consulting we develop plan strategies for your business that includes a FREE of charge website with integrated booking engine and marketing kit for you hotel.

Did I make all my bookings thru just 1 or 2 online agencies?

One of the most common mistakes among hotels establishments is to make the majority of their bookings thru 1 or 2 agencies alone. Which makes you develop a dependence on that 1 or 2 agencies. With our wide Hotel Distribution plan we’ll make sure your hotel has bookings from more than 143 network partners thru all year calendar.

No time or not know how to manage your Social Media?

We develop a strong Social Media network that enhances your brand and that generate traffic to your website and, at the end of the day, bookings!

Would I like to improve my Online Reputation status?

We have the software, platform and know how to make considerable improvements on your Online Reputation status. The best way to sell your hotel is thru your own guests opinions!

Would I like to expand my market to Europe, Latin America or Asia?

Over the course of more than 20 years of experience we have developed a wide network of business partners all over the world, from big Tour Operators in Germany or local OTAs in Portugal or traditional travel agencies from Australia, we have the True connections to upgrade your hotel business.

Am I about to open a hotel but have no experience on the tourism business?

We have being involved in openings all over the world in the last 2 decades. From big hotel chains to independent boutique hotels. We can create the perfect product for you, preventing you to falling in common mistakes, and orientating you on what works and don’t, and specially on what will sell!

Would I like to appear on International Tourism Trades Shows but don't have the expertise or time?

We yearly attend tourism trade shows all over the world bringing your business directly to your business partners. From the ITB in Berlin, the FITUR in Madrid or the Touristic Tianguis in Mexico, we are there so you are there!

We can audit your hotel and give you a report on how you are (and should be) compared to your competition.

No hidden fees, no annual or monthly charges, we want to enhance your sales and become your business partner.