Process Automatization

We use top edge technology and top in the field human resources to automate business processes and to set a new workflow routine that will increase productivity.

Product Development

We identify the market need around you, conceptualizing and designing the best product for your brand, such as:

  • Location
  • Availability
  • Concept
  • Price Range
  • Meal Plans

We evaluate how your company is doing and state the fields of action to be optimized.

If you succeed, True is also successful!


Optimization of results through innovative strategies with the use of focalized technologies in the hotel business.

Together with our “know-how”, the customizable technologies that are available to us in the industry, the consideration of the corporate culture and the results to be achieved, as well as a sustainable human resource strategy, a variety of process alterations are implemented and new workflow routines are established together.

The variety of implementations and new processes are accompanied by TRUE Tourism Consulting at all levels and phases.

KPI’s Management

Through TRUE Tourism Consulting, the fields of action of your company in which we operate must be determined individually. The new work processes will make your company more goal-oriented, more resistant to market fluctuation and therefore more successful and capable of growth.

After a carefully overall review of your company’s process and finances, we develope and set specific industry Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) to help monitor and analyze the performance and level of success in the reaching of our new business objectives.


We evaluate your businesses plan, projects and budgets to determine their performance and suitability, and then set the guidelines to improve ROI.